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Genus ABS has had yet another exceptional proof run with many sires featuring at the top of the rankings.


Stephanie Whittaker, Genus ABS Business Development Manager comments, “We have seen highlights with Morningview Levi, who is now the global number one PLI sire at £256.? Levi has elite health traits including phenomenal fertility and balanced robust type. He has the ultimate genetics for profitable milk production.”


Continuing their success in the PLI rankings, Genus ABS’ UK Cornerstone Programme has graduated three of the top 10 UK PLI sires. Laurelhill Classic’s proof reads incredibly well ticking every box for production, health and fitness, weighing in at £219 for PLI.? His fertility index at +6.6 is a real highlight, proving he is not just production and health, his daughters are stronger and wider than average and look to be able to work on a very diverse range of systems. Zoro comes in at £179 for PLI, another exceptional bull from Mick Gould’s Shropshire based Woodmarsh herd from the world renowned Zandra family.


The other top 10 UK PLI sire is Ballycairn Mascol Mars, with a PLI of £175 he has now added more of his trademark black daughters to his proof and is going from strength to strength working hard (681 kg milk) and proving a real hit with farmers up and down the country.


Genus ABS also saw great success in the Type rankings. ?Curtismill Mr Sam is still the reigning number one UK type bull (3.19 Type Merit), our progeny promotions team are impressed with the way daughters are maturing into second and third lactations. ?The UK legend, Bassingthorpe Bossman, sits just below Curtis at number two in the type rankings (2.9 Type Merit). Bossman is a record setting bull with the highest ever score for locomotion (4.36), his daughters are great all-rounder and are proving to get better with time.


In 2006, Genus ABS were able to graduate one of the most influential sires of his era; Sandy Valley Bolton,? now in 2012 we have the pick of the Bolton sons, the global number one Bolton son for Type is Regancrest B Brendal, a Bolton from a Shottle who boasts extreme show type (3.72 Type Merit) and picture perfect udders.? Close behind Brendal in the type rankings is Dorcy, perhaps the most exciting Bolton son on the market, not only is he an incredible milk and type sire (615 kgs 3.39 Type Merit), much like his sire Bolton, he is also a fantastic health trait bull with an exceptional fertility index score (+1.4).? We also graduated current star, Gillespy’s full brother Gavin, he is much like his brother, breeding great udders (+2.16)and feet and legs (+1.93) combined with exceptional production levels. Gatsu is an interesting Italian Bolton son which has complete no-holes linear (1.72 Type Merit) with great protein percentages (+0.01).


Stephanie concludes, “Without doubt it has been one of the greatest proof runs on record, it is testament to the ability of our first class product development team to be able to graduate so many great daughter proven sires, and our UK Cornerstone programme goes from strength to strength, whilst our US facilities keep producing highlight sires. For more information on any of these bulls please talk to your local Genus ABS representative.”


Sales Representative

Telephone number: 0870 162 2000

Email Address: cs@genusbreeding. cá cược 365 www.w88wsports.org

Please get in touch and we will get your local representative to contact you


Paul Nunn

European Business Development Manager - Products

Office: 0870 900 1270

Email address: cs@genusbreeding.co.uk


Laura Stockton

Products Co-ordinator

Office: 01270 616673

Email address: cs@genusbreeding.co.uk

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